Midnight Comet

Every day we choose the kind of person we will be. We make a conscious decision to be honorable, or to lie and cheat. We make choices. Everyone experiences love and loss, fear and desire. Everyone has freewill. What would be the value of a benevolent nature if being good is all that we can be? What would be the blame on those who are wicked, if wickedness is their only nature? For thousands of years, the inhabitants of heaven and hell watched the colorful dramas of human beings play out on Earth... and they were envious. If they could choose, would they walk the path of moral decay, or would they follow a road leading the spiritual reawakening of their immortal soul? These inhuman creatures sought to walk the Earth on a journey of self-awareness. They needed freewill. A bargain is struck. A test begins. Now that they've tasted it, they could never go back. Cover illustration by Connor Ryan Maxon.

Susan Frances

Susan Frances was born and raised in New York City. She married her high school sweetheart, and they moved to New Jersey, where they raised their two sons, Stefan and Keith. Susan has a Master's degree in the Science of Nursing. She worked as a nurse practitioner for the last twelve years before her recent retirement. Susan enjoys writing science fiction/romance, and fantasy that has a spiritual edge, and reveals how we are elevated by the emotion of love. She states, "My dreams give me the ideas for the books that I write. The storylines and my main characters have always come to me in dreams, and I try to stay true to the personality that comes across in my dreams."

Pink Reign

It's the twenty-third century and humans have evolved. Some now have extraordinary powers; they can read minds, bend time, heal and much more. Although these ‘gifted' people are a tiny proportion of the population, the potential threat they pose scares the so-called ‘normals' who are in power. The gifted have shown no sign of using their gifts for evil, and live peacefully alongside the normal, but despite this they are rounded up, imprisoned and drugged, so that they can't use their powers. Darc, a powerful gifted, sacrifices himself so that his mate, Kali, can escape and, hopefully, save the rest of their people. Escaping is the easy part, but now Kali needs to find her children, free her people and stop the despicable plans of the normal. Only then will she be able to avenge the death of Darc and others and look to the future.

Breaching the Sentry

A murder has been committed, and time is the weapon. One brave young time cop may have saved the lives of a billion people, but now no one can remember him or the sacrifice he made. Detective Brian Nightshade is determined to solve a murder, even though clues fade from existence, along with people’s memories.

Holly Spears begins to experience a phenomenon the social media dub ‘echo dreams’. Are these dreams the only way our subconscious can remember loved ones who have been ‘erased’?

A beautiful psychic and a band of ‘Sentries’, beings who for a thousand years have been protecting the Earth, provide detective Nightshade with the unconventional assistance he will need to find the truth, before reality is rewritten.

Susan Frances

Susan Frances was born and raised in New York City. Shortly after getting married, she moved to New Jersey, where she raised her two sons, Stefan and Keith.

Susan has a Master’s degree in the Science of Nursing, and enjoyed being in the field of Nursing all her life, including working as a Nurse Practitioner.

Susan is the author of “A Glimpse Beyond the Aether”, which is also a Science Fiction / Romance novel.

A Glimpse Beyond the Aether

The greatest mystery of all is now an irrefutable fact.

Scientists in a Brain Trust have eradicated most of the disease, poverty and hunger that exists. In this overcrowded world, technology that can raise the dead is strictly forbidden.

When the Brain Trust is wiped out by a natural disaster, World President Marsha Holt decides that humanity cannot be without our benefactors, and gives the order to bring them back from the other side.

The Earth is not ready, and likely will never be ready for the revelation of what happens to us when we die.

Four scientists travel a path no human being should ever travel.

Every question is answered...Beyond The Aether.